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We provide straightforward solutions to your facility building automation systems (BAS) and energy management systems (EMS) needs.  Our focus is delivering cost effective, reliable solutions, which you can understand, and afford. 

Realistic and accurate indoor comfort, energy savings, safe, reliable facilities operation are the result of experienced analysis and consulting, quality design, installation, systems support, and service. 

Unfortunately for many facility owners and operators, as many as 80% of our so-called competitors actually design and install control automation systems incorrectly.  They do not do it on purpose, as they typically do not have all the needed expertise to do the job right the first time, including estimating, and once they discover they underestimated the job, that is when they cut corners hoping you will not find out until after you have paid them their final invoice.  Typically, we find these system defects and prove the flaws to you in the first one or two reviews.

Over the years, technology for facility management equipment and systems has developed to standardized, predictable reasonable quality automation products.  It is no longer an industry conundrum where you have to struggle about brand A versus brand B. 

Now more important than ever, it is the BAS or EMS system service provider's ability to deliver quality designs, installations, and systems support, that counts the most. 

If they do not treat your system as if it is their own, do you want them working on yours.

Our business of putting your needs first, has created some very long-term relationships with many of our clients, some over 35 years.

We stay focused on delivering on our commitments to you, and that has taken care of us very well.  We understand that we need to be cost effective to help you achieve their goals.

Our commitment to provide quality service, and cost effective solutions, is what keeps our clients satisfied.